Wednesday, 16 April 2008

55 LEROY ST: Further Investigations

Laura Bean & Harriet Poole / Linda Duffy / Dave Miller / Lucy Rimmer / Caroline Smith / Sally Thompson / Senaka Weeraman

55 Leroy St: Further Investigations
presents further explorations into the physical traces left by the previous occupants of 55 Leroy St, the associated real and imagined histories, and considers the broader context in which the stories of Leroy St are located.

Further Investigations
takes place on the afternoon of Saturday 26 April 3-6pm, with a performance at 8pm. It is a series of experimental projects presented as work-in-progress. Audience members are invited to participate, to discuss work with the creators and to feedback into the creative process.

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Dave said...

Buddy Rivers has been recently interviewed in Marbella. It seems he retreated here after his disastrous show at Leroy Street.