Wednesday, 16 April 2008

55 LEROY ST: Further Investigations

Laura Bean & Harriet Poole / Linda Duffy / Dave Miller / Lucy Rimmer / Caroline Smith / Sally Thompson / Senaka Weeraman

55 Leroy St: Further Investigations
presents further explorations into the physical traces left by the previous occupants of 55 Leroy St, the associated real and imagined histories, and considers the broader context in which the stories of Leroy St are located.

Further Investigations
takes place on the afternoon of Saturday 26 April 3-6pm, with a performance at 8pm. It is a series of experimental projects presented as work-in-progress. Audience members are invited to participate, to discuss work with the creators and to feedback into the creative process.

Laura Bean and Harriet Poole

Laura Bean and Harriet Poole are working with site-specific performance art to explore the fictive and real histories surrounding the site at 55 Leroy St. They will be deconstructing factory processes whilst simultaneously exploiting photography in a performative manner. Audience members are invited to participate and surrender unwanted home furnishings / clothing to help facilitate the performance and leave new traces of occupation.

3- 5.00 By appointment - please email to arrange.
5 - 5.30 Performance open to all
5.30 - 6 Installation

Linda Duffy

Linda Duffy explores physical traces left by time and people on the surface of the building and presents a visualisation of the documented history of the building.

Dave Miller

Dave Miller is using the space at Leroy Street to experiment with networked collaborative stories.

The Leroy Club was a legendary venue in the 1950's comedy circuit, where many famous comedians started out. One of these was Buddy Rivers, who's returned to do this benefit performance to help save the venue. He hasn't done standup for years and fears he's lost his edge, so now uses computer programs and Internet searches to generate his jokes. Join in the show at the Leroy on Saturday 26 April 3-6pm or online at:

Lucy Rimmer

Lucy Rimmer creates images capturing the microscopic traces left by time on the windows, floors, walls and ceilings of the space at 55 Leroy St. Experimenting with photographic techniques she takes away the context and scale of the building itself and forces us to look in more detail at the many layers that constitute to the history of the space.

Caroline Smith

Caroline Smith performs Spank at 8pm.

I tell stories. I remember. I embellish. Sometimes I lie. Spank follows the journeys of two women as they reveal stories from private and public sources set apart by two centuries. It investigates notions of 'faction' and what is filtered out historically within a theme of female trauma and the body. It is deeply personal work, yet also rooted in its cultural context.

Spank reacts to the location and has been performed at Tramway in Glasgow (NRLA 2008), Albany Theatre, Antenna Studios, Stephen Lawrence Gallery and Royal Naval College in London. For more info, visit:

Sally Thompson

Sally Thompson explores a series of interconnecting theories and ideologies that overlay and provide a context for the evolutionary process of change evidenced by the building’s documented histories.

Senaka Weeraman

Senaka Weeraman presents a survey of the current condition of the building, capturing its state at this point of transition between industrial past and residential future.